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About Mystics by the Sea

My name is Mary Clare owner and founder of Mystics by the Sea ~ my intent when I opened Mystics in August 2004 was to have a “Spiritual Retreat”, to open the door for others, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or well on your way, those who come to Mystics will find nonjudgmental, gentle guidance, insight and healing. We are here to learn and evolve as Spiritual beings first and foremost through our life experiences.  Mystics can help you to see the potential your life has to offer, to seek out the desires of your heart… to find it, create it, and develop it.

We are all blessed with an endless supply of energy…Mystics practitioners and intuitive readers will use our gifts to help you revisit the past, explore the future and open the door to your inner knowledge & wisdom that will allow you to move forward in life with confidence, strength, and a positive attitude.



Readings and Services are by appointment only

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