Angel Channeler

Welcome to the angelic realm!!!  My name is Carol Joyce and I’m an Angel Channeler.  After realizing and developing my gift over the last 20 years, my clients have told me such things as:  I have found an internal peace that I have not had for a very long time. 
What is an Angel Channeler:  I am the means of communicating the words from your angels and departed loved ones.  These telepathic messages are given to me to pass onto you.  These messages can assist you in healing and providing a sense of peace and understanding from above.   We all have guardian angels.  When we are born; one is assigned to us for our life here on earth.   In your reading you will be given the name of your guardian angel.   I am given their name and a physical description of what they look like along with what area you can expect them to be most helpful in.
Remember angels are God’s messengers….  They are here to help us:  we need only to ask.
As part of Mystics by the Sea, we offer a monthly Angel Circle.  I share stories and experiences I have had with clients.  Sitting with like minded people, we can feel the energies and spirits coming through me.  I offer individual readings and angel parties.  I invite you to explore my Angel website at this link:
Cost: 60 Minute – $100.
with Carol Joyce
2nd Sunday of every month
Price: $30.00 12 – 2pm
Come and discover how your Angels communicate with you on a daily basis.
Learn about the different types of angels and why we have them in our lives.
Join our Circle and experience receiving messages from your own personal Angels.
Everyone will receive a 10 min. Angel reading.


Dear Carol - I live in the Chicago area and I have phone readings with Carol about once every 6 months.  I keep coming back to Carol because I find that she truly has a gift and she has helped to guide me for many years. So many times, Carol has seen things in her readings that actually do come true in the future. There have been times where she will give me a day of the week that she sees something happening.   She will ask me to get back to her if this prediction comes through. Sure enough, it happened on that day that she predicted. There are so many things that she has seen in readings that really has help to guide me. There are times when I would need some guidance and her readings would help to ease my mind. I am a true believer of her gift and I am so thankful that I have Carol to turn to.