Letting Go of the Fear....


Our Medium

Catherine Crowley

When you loose someone, the fear of “now what” comes into everyone’s heart and mind.

Meet Cathy who will help us explore what happens to our loved ones? 

Our Organizer

Mary Zikaras

Living in fear is the greatest stumbling block that we encounter every day in our lives.  No matter the age, we will come together to explore the seed of “fear” and how to move past it.

What is Empowerment?

Come, Share and Learn – Starting October 20, 2019 for 4 Sessions from 1:00 to 3:00.  Each week we will provide a tool to use when confronted with situations to help you start the process of hoping, then dreaming and finally believing in your value.  No matter the age, we will come together to explore the seed of “fear” and how to move past it. 

Contact mysticsbythesea@gmail.com for information or visit their website at Mysticsbythesea.com to register. 

Cost for all 4 sessions is $50.00.

Websters Definition: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. Life's Definition: Taking a first step of hope, that started with a dream and moving it to "believing"....

Come learn either "1" or "several" tools to start to "Hoping, Dreaming and Believing"

Do you ever feel alone in a room filled with family and friends?

Do you feel supported and loved?

Do you sometimes feel rejected by others and maybe even yourself?

Do you feel as though somethings wrong with you?

Do you find yourself people pleasing to feel loved and accepted?

Do you feel you have a voice and are safe to express your feelings?

Are you afraid of change?


It’s OK! You’re not alone, many people live this way in fear, anxiety and on a razors edge.

You deserve to feel loved and secure.


Are you ready and willing to take the next step to finally find your own power?


We understand you; we have been where you are, and we are here to support you on your gentle journey back to yourself.


Come gather with us and others as we connect and learn the tools to read discover who we really are and build the strength to be ourselves.

“To thy own self be true.”      -Polonius

Join us for this empowering opportunity…

On Sundays from 1 – 3 PM at Mystics by the Sea.

October 20

November 3

November 17

December 15


We look forward to sharing this experience with you!


Minimal cost for all sessions – $50.00

Meet our Team

We will come together to offer a skill or understanding that will help us move through our lives of "fear" to leave it in the past and empower us to take our next steps in our journey.
Our Team of Practitioners will be providing a new skill each week that you can start to apply to your life.
Having that small inkling of hope that starts to make you want to dream is where it starts.

Starting this October, 2019 --- Classes will be held on Sunday Afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Are you attending?

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!