Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye ASAP- A Self Awareness Program

Do you or someone you know feel stuck and suffer from anxiety, insomnia,
depression and fear, and tried everything but still have the same issues – some in
your mind, others in your heart and all from the past? These unresolved issues
and the patterns associated with them can be changed by healing the emotional
and mental parts of you, just like healing a wound on the physical body. Read
about Judith’s Signature Program, (2 to 8 sessions) – based on your history and
goals: . Receive guidance, tools and
support to be an active participant in your life rather than a helpless victim. Now
is the perfect time to embrace that healthier lifestyle, to stop repeating negative
habit patterns, let go of unwanted stress, and more!   
Call Judith to schedule a session or a free phone consultation 203-481-8773