Meet Judith

Judith was born and raised in Connecticut, lived in Northern California for 20 years, became a Clinical Hypnotherapist CCHT, Certified Transpersonal Coach, Intuitive/Psychic Development Counselor and Teacher and Ordained Reverend. She returned to Connecticut in 1999 with her innovative program, Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye ASAP, a highly personalized program guiding others to access their own inner knowing and abilities to assist them in leading happy and healthy lives.

Her hypnotherapy and counseling sessions use cognitive solutions based therapy, addressing the connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Her programs incorporate Clinical and Self Hypnosis, Energy Healing and Guided Imagery. She brings professional training, extensive experience and the commitment to help others find their power and abilities.

Judith is an ordained non-denominational Reverend, officiating weddings, baby blessings and a relationship empowerment program.

A message from Judith…
“Whether we work together in my office or at Mystics By The Sea or Zoom, you can harness the power of your thoughts, feelings and actions to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make” I have seen nothing but success for over 30 years. I specialize in addressing complicated and difficult personal issues, lifestyle choices, smoking cessation, overeating, assisting in establishing healthy lifestyle habits, overcoming traumatic life events, and other issues. Read testimonials on and then call for your free phone consultation.”

You are the expert in your life. Only you can show me what we need to work on together– the challenges you face, the issues and events and feelings that trouble you. You already have answers…they’re just out of sight right now. When we meet, my responsibility is to help you shed light, to trust yourself to explore, grow, and create your own path. I share my energy, optimism and experience, drawing on many techniques – including Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Therapy and Energy Healing — to free you to find your strengths and aim them toward positive action.

The desire to empower people inspires me every day. That, in turn, assists in creating a calm space where genuine listening and trust can open the way to uncovering the gifts already inside you. If it sounds like I would be a good fit for you call the number listed. I look forward to working with you! Take the first step. Call 203-481-8773. Receive a free, no-bond phone consultation to ask any questions you might have, or to get more information.