Meditation Group, Interfaith Spiritual Principles

Mary Chisarik

Donations Requested: $5 – $20
Each of the world’s religions including spiritual traditions like the 12 Steps have underlying spiritual principles that are universal. Come explore those principles through the lens of different faiths.
The 11th Step –“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with a power greater than ourselves”, helps us in all fellowships and all spiritual practices to answer those questions for ourselves.
The Appendix of the AA Big Book and NA texts as well as several references in other 12 step programs on Spirituality note that Honesty, Open mindedness and Willingness are indispensable in achieving that goal. These principals and universal and work in all situations. You don’t need to be 12 Step to participate!
Each month we will meditate on a different spiritual principle like honesty etc., from different perspective, some may touch one of the twelve steps, promises, traditions, principals, twelve traditions or other spiritual concept like gratitude.
A reading on one of the key spiritual principles from a different faith perspective will be done with time for group sharing.
Types of meditation practices we will explore:
• Guided meditations including a narration or reading the chairperson choses.
• Christian meditations like the contemplative prayer (Father Keating) focusing our thoughts on a specific word or phrase.
• Buddhist meditations often with open eyes and focusing on breath which may include Metta and Loving Kindness.
• Hindu & Yoga Meditations on spiritual principles including oneness and Namaste.
• Native American meditations on spiritual principles including animal totems and shamanic principles.
PLEASE NOTE: This not a single fellowship meeting – ALL are welcome and due to singleness of purpose donations are requested to pay for usage of the space.
The space has chairs but feel to bring your own meditation cushion or yoga mat if you prefer the floor.

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