Sessions, Classes and Programs

Therapeutic Counseling for General Support – 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions In person or zoom
Programs: (Descriptions follow below)
Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye ASAP Program: (2 to 8 private sessions) In person or zoom
Relationship Empowerment Program (1 to 3 [private sessions) In person or zoom
Post Pandemic Relationships Needing Help? (1 to 3 private sessions) In person or zoom
“Intuitive/Psychic Development Through Understanding Energy Medicine”
(4 week class or 2 private sessions)
Energy Medicine puts a language to the life force energy that runs through and around us, often referred to as Chi, a universal energy that permeates everything around us. In this class, learn to work
with your unique energetic blueprint, release negative energy, relieve stress and pain. Learn the intuitive/psychic abilities you have or can develop. Many have these abilities but never put a name to
them — Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairalience, all abilities of the souls energy body. Energy blocks restrict the flow in the body’s energy pathways.
The private sessions and classes are chuck full of make sense information and support to identify and clear blocks and enjoy rapid and significant progress in health and vitality. Direct your energy
rather than respond to the energy of those around you, learn to know where your energy ends and others begins, why you respond to buttons and how to do emotional clearing. Receive weekly handouts of suggestions of what to do between classes and participate in discussions each week about your
experiences. Each class will have a guided exercise reinforcing the content of the class that will be recorded and emailed the following day to then be listens to regularly. See Calendar for class dates or
schedule private sessions.
“Create Your Weight; Hypnosis For Weight Loss”  (4 week class or 2 private sessions)
Are you tired of being stuck at your current weight? Want to stop feeling uncomfortable when you look in the mirror or see yourself in a photo? Whether you need to lose weight to improve your health and energy, feel better about yourself or you just want to look better, this class, also done in two private sessions, will help you succeed. Hypnosis is a natural and normal state of mind in which the body experiences physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, open and in a suggestible state. Learn to access and change your
subconscious mind that has been sabotaging your success and preventing you from following through on your intentions. Most decisions and actions come from the part of the brain that goes beyond the conscious awareness. In 4 classes or 2 private sessions, be hypnotized to eliminate cravings, control your portions, eat less, or break free of eating out of stress or emotional eating. You can hypnotize yourself to eat any food you crave, but in amounts that will continue to help to help you lose weight or to keep it off.
Each class includes a guided meditation that will be recorded and emailed the day following to each class participant to listen to regularly. See calendar for class dates or schedule private sessions.
KISS YOUR THERAPIST GOODBYE ASAP (2 to 8 private sessions): Do you
or someone you know feel stuck and suffer from anxiety, insomnia,
depression and fear, and tried everything but still have the same issues –
some in your mind, others in your heart and all from the past? These
unresolved issues and the patterns associated with them can be changed by
healing the emotional and mental parts of you, just like healing a wound on
the physical body. Read about Judith’s Signature Program, (2 to 8 sessions) –
based on your history and goals. Receive guidance, tools and support to be
an active participant in your life rather than a helpless victim. Now is the
perfect time to embrace that healthier lifestyle, to stop repeating negative
habit patterns, let go of unwanted stress, and more! www.kiss your therapist
This personalized program supports any two people in a relationship to learn
and practice effective ways to communicate. We explore the opportunity to
give as well as receive support. Each person brings their own history that we
examine if repeating patterns are of concern. If not, we review communication
styles and how to be the best partner possible. (
Many have found “forced together time” has brought their relationship to deeper levels of intimacy and enjoyment or challenges as never before seen.
The relationship may be with your partner, child, parent, friend, boss, co-
worker or acquaintance. There is incredible opportunity when both in the
relationship are willing to look at themselves, their history, their buttons and
why the person they are in relationship with pushes them. Often things
surface when there is idle time. Behaviors, patterns and attitudes that may not
have been so visible pre pandemic are now front and center. Regardless of
age or gender, learn to see the challenges in these relationships as
opportunities to strengthen the relationship in positive ways. The reason these
relationships offer such opportunity is because they often go back to roots
from past experiences that continually get reignited or push buttons. Once this
understanding is embraced, learn exercises and ways of working individually
and together to enhance the relationship. This class encourages BOTH
having the challenges; however individuals are welcomed.
Private Sessions For Therapeutic Counseling – 30, 60 or 90 minutes ($60.,
$100., $125.)    Private Sessions For Weight Loss or Intuitive Psychic Development ($125 per
90 minute session to include recordings sent after session)
Classes For Weight Loss or Intuitive Psychic Development – See Mystics
Calendar for class description and dates – 4 classes $25 per class
Programs: $125 per 1 ½ hr. session