Jennifer is offering this Holiday Special For Massage only:  Purchase a Gift Certificate for 10% off your 2nd session (or for a friend or family) when you purchase your 1st session  at listed price on my website. 1st time clients receive a discount ( see website) & repeat clients can get 10% off a massage for the Holiday season.  For more details, to book a session, or purchase a Gift Cert. for Massage: 516-850-3260
New Beginnings in Community is a growing group of spiritually-minded people embracing and honoring all world religions, belief systems, cultures and traditions. We come together to share thoughts, experiences and wisdom in a supportive, community environment. Our Ministry Team is comprised of dedicated Interfaith Ministers who offer inspired messages of Love and Inspiration with the community every Sunday morning 10:00am. Services immediately followed by fellowship at 11:00am. Please join us at Mystics II! ALL ARE WELCOME!
” MESSAGE’S THAT HEAL” 1/30/2020 ~ with Catherine Crowley ~ 7pm ~ $25. Mystics II
Join us for a talk on “life after death”. What happens to our loved ones when we die? How they are still a part of our lives. Catherine helps those with family and friends who have passed to connect with their loved ones. Included will be messages  for people in the audience whose loved ones come thru.
“A GATHERING OF ANGELS” ~ 12/12 ~  with Carol Joyce ~ 7pm ~ $30.  Mystics I
Learn about different types of Angels, why we have them in our life, and how we can communicate with them, and them with us. Learn your personal Angels name and experience receiving a message from your Angel, everyone will receive a 10min. reading
“MASSAGE THERAPY & IT’S HEALTH BENEFITS” ~ 12/14 ~ 7-8PM ~ with Jennifer Prezant LMT~ $5. Mystics I ~ Jennifer will speak on how can you benefit from Massage Therapy, why do we get muscle tension?  How can we help prevent & release it? ….. and other interesting information.  There will be light refreshments provided afterwards along with questions & open discussion.
“CHANTSFORMATIONS” ~ 12/15 ~ 9:00am-9:45am ~ with Rev. Andi ~ Donation offering $10 ~ Mystics II
A chant & meditation experience with Interfaith and Spiritual Wisdom: Draw upon the power of music, meditation, and chant to connect to the Divine as well as a deeper state of peace, joy and unity. No singing ability necessary. All faiths are welcome.
 “ULTIMATE HOLIDAY MAKE-N-TAKE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS” ~ 12/14 ~ 11am-1pm ~ with Janet ~ $30 Mystics I
Come and join the fun with essential oils! We will be making; Holiday Lotion, Candy Cane Lotion & Body Wash, Bath Salts, Poo Pouri (Toilet Spray), Holiday Honey. We will be making these items for you to use or to give as gifts.. Snacks, beverages & freebies will be given!! This event requires registration & payment due to ordering of supplies  Please email Janet at:
WINTER SOLSITICE CELEBRATION WITH LYDIA & SITA ~ 12/22 ~ 3-5pm~ Donation offering $10 ~
Mystic II
Come be transformed by the practice of easy call and response chanting and Sacred Music to calm the mind followed by a healing sound bath with Reiki energy for a deep and relaxing meditative Journey. Emerge from this experience feeling lighter balanced rejuvenated and ready to ease into the last of 2019 with joy. Don’t miss this great opportunity for self-care and introspection time. For more info. or to register please contact Lydia at 203.497.8277 or
“REDISCOVERING AND REDESIGNING YOUR LIFE 2020” ~ Thursdays ~ 1/9/20, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30 & 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27 & 3/5 ~ 6-7pm ~ Make up classes will be held once a month on Saturday’s ~ 10am-1:30pm ~ with Brandi Noyes ~ $25 per class
This is a series of 11 courses created to assist you in enriching and enlightening your life, by teaching you tools to live more mindfully and consciously create the life you were born to live. By understanding your belief systems and behavior patterns you can begin to make changes and shift the energy towards the life of your dreams and begin to attract things that you desire. This course can be taken in order from 1-11 or depending on where you are on your journey and your needs, sit in for a single drop in class.
1. Understanding your belief systems and how it affects your reality…2. Interrupting your
patterns…3. Inner child work … 4. Shadow Self…5. Self-Love and the Law of Attraction…6.
Movement for Blockages (energetic shifts and chakra clearing) … 7. High Vibe Eating (mindful
eating) …. 8. Nature & Abundance (communicate with the world around you) … 9. Your why and
character (developing a strong purpose and the character to reach the finish line) …. 10. Vision
(learn visualization tools and clarity to attract) 11. Manifesting Tips (learn how energy really
works and how to get what you want).
To learn more or pre-register please contact: subject title: Rediscover 2019 or 413.644.6560
 “CREATE YOUR WEIGHT; HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS” ~ 1/7/20, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 ~ 7-9pm, with Judith O’Connor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Metaphysical Teacher ~ $25. ~ Mystics I
Are you tired of being stuck at your current weight? Want to stop feeling uncomfortable when you look in the mirror or see yourself in a photo? Whether you need to lose weight to improve your health & energy, feel better about yourself or you just want to look better, this class will help you succeed. Hypnosis is a natural and normal state of mind in which the body experiences physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, open & suggestible. Learn to access & change your subconscious mind that has been sabotaging your success & pre-venting you from following through on your intentions. Most of our decisions & actions come from the part of the brain that goes beyond our conscious awareness. In these 4 sessions class, be hypnotized to eliminate cravings, control your portions, eat less, or break free of eating out of stress or emotional eating. You can hyp-notize yourself to eat any food you crave, but in amounts that will continue to help to help you lose weight or to keep it off. Each class includes a guided meditation that will be recorded & emailed the day following to each class participant to listen to regularly. Call, text or email Judith for more info. or to reserve your spot 203.481.8773
“Identify, Develop and Utilize Your Psychic Abilities” with Judith O’Connor ~ 4 week course~ 1/8/2020, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29 ~ Wednesdays @ 7pm ~ $25. per class  Mystics I ~ You can make up classes if you have to miss any.    Identify, Develop and Utilize your psychic abilities in a 4 meeting class with like-minded people. We are all senders and receivers of energy. Learn about energy and how to distinguish yours from others, as well as how to ground, run energy and set boundaries.  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Omnipotence or Claircognizance are the abilities of our psychic/soul energy body These abilities are enhanced through doing regular energy work. Receive support to understand and work with your own psychic abilities in daily life.  Enjoy the benefits of receiving weekly handouts, suggestions of what to do between classes and participate in discussions each week about your experiences. Each class will have a guided meditation reinforcing the content of the class that will be recorded and then emailed to each person in the class the day following.     Call or text Judith at 203-481-8773 or email to reserve your spot
“JOIN A CLASS OF 8 TO DEVELOP AND PRACTICE YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES” ~ Sunday Evenings ~ 1/5/20, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26 ~ 6-8pm, with Judith O’Connor ~ $25 per class
The group energy of a class of 8 participants creates the environment to open and/or strengthen your psychic abilities. Each class has open discussions about experiences resulting from energy work done between classes. The best way to learn about psychic development is to do so in a group of like-minded people. Everyone in the class has the opportunity to tune into their own psychic abilities and then give and receive support, in-sights and guidance. This further validates their abilities (how they receive information) and how to most effectively use them in their own healing journey. Participate in a class with developing and/or experienced psychic and receive insights and guidance on where your energy is blocked while learning techniques for releasing blocked energy. This class provides support to strengthen your commitment to the discipline of daily energy work that you’ve established.
To pre-register: Email or call 203-481-8773
“GODDESS CIRCLE” ~ EVERY 2ND MONDAY OF THE MONTH 6:30-8:30 P.M. $10 ~ Mystics I The circle is an ancient spiritual element of most indigenous cultures. It is a safe and sacred space for ceremony and healing; transformation, magic, and communion. To gather in circle for any sacred purpose is to invoke the Sacred Feminine; the Goddess. “You don’t believe in the Goddess; you experience her. She is embodied by all women, and resides within all of us, REGARDLESS OF GENDER. Blind to her wisdom and Her ways, humanity has created a world dangerously out of balance. But the Great Goddess; the missing half of everything, has returned.” -Phyllis Curott, bestselling author ~ CONTACT GINA REICHERT at for more information or to register.
” METAPHYSICAL BOOK CLUB AND DISCUSSION GROUP” ~ 1st Wednesday of every month ~ with Ann McDonnell & Rev. Wendy ~ 6:30pm-6:45pm Mingle 6:45pm-8:30pm for book discussion. Donations requested. Mystics I
Spend time with like-minded people and have fun! We will learn about and discuss metaphysical, spiritual, health & wellness topics. Every month we will discuss a different book. Like “Metaphysical Book Club andDiscussion Group” on Facebook, and every month you’ll see our book of the month.
 “LET YOUR YOGA DANCE” ~ Every Tuesday ~ 2 -3pm  ~ 6 weeks -$48. With Andrea Cashman and Beth O’Brien Mystics II
Move with freedom to the beat of World Music. No dance experience required. Increase strength, flexibility, using chairs for balance and high energy activity. Connect with your own spirit & the people in your class. Enjoy friendship and spiritual grounding. For more info. or to register ~ 203.522.2636 or
“GENTLE CHAIR YOGA” ~ Every Wednesday ~ 5:15-6PM ~ $5. with Andrea Cashman & Beth O’Brien Mystics II
Breath practice, gentle stretching and meditation. For all ages and abilities.
Improve strength, flexibility, manage stress. For more info. or to register ~ 203.522.2636 or
” MEDITATION GROUP; SPIRITUAL PRINCIPALS” ~ 3rd Saturday of every month ~ with Rev. Mary C. ~ 9:30am-10:30am ~ Donations requested ~ Mystics I
Come explore the spiritual principles through the lens of different faiths. Each of the world’s religions including spiritual traditions like the 12 Steps have underlying spiritual principles that are universal. No need to be a 12 Step to participate, ALL are welcome. For more info. walk in’s are always welcome contact Rev. Mary:

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