Past Life Regression

Have you ever had the feeling that you may have known someone you just met? Or that you lived in a different place and a different time? Have you spent time exploring issues from your current life theme or pattern? Are you curious about reincarnation, who you might have been in a previous life or if you have unfinished business from a past lifetime? Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy helps people explore their prior lifetimes. The insights from these experiences usually result in a broader life understanding which can help to deal more effectively with current and chronic life problems.
Through Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy you can: 
  • See your connections with current family members and friends which are facilitated by past life memories 
  • Understand personal relationships that may be challenging and difficult
  • Gain a deepened understanding of current life themes, events, issues, patterns
  • Uncover talents and abilities from the past
  • Discover events that are the root of physical problems
  • View significant relationships more clearly
  • Gain a greater awareness of your life purpose
  • Explore karmic patterns which involve spiritual lessons
  • Clear negative karmas and past life contracts
  • Understand the origin of fears unrelated to current life experiences which may include phobias and panic attacks
  • Have a deeper awareness of yourself in ways you previously did not understand
  • Have a deeper understanding of your purpose in life, and knowing why you feel or behave the way you do
It may take 2 sessions if a person has never been induced to a relaxed state and aware of the way they perceive what is going on around them. In this first meeting a personalized recording is made and then listened to several times prior to the regression becoming comfortable with my voice. The second session is the regression. Some go to one life and explore deeply while others see flashes from several lives.
If you’d like more information or to schedule a
session contact Judith O’Connor: or 203 481.8773
Cost : $125. per session