Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong Therapy

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art with many health benefits. It is a relaxing form of exercise and if practiced regularly, it can greatly improve one’s health. It can reduce stress, gently strengthen the body, improve posture, gait, balance and the immune system. “Chi” refers to the flowing energy within and by learning techniques to move this energy. When the heart is open and the mind is clear there is coherence between both, creating serenity.

Qi Gong Therapy

“Qi is our life force” Qi gong therapy removes blocks and stagnation of Qi restoring balance in your system for good health and vitality. Cost : $100. 60 min session
Linda is recognized as an accomplished teacher and a ranked member of the Yang Family International Association.
For more information on Qi Gong or to schedule a private  session…or to register for Tai Chi class contact Linda at 203-851-3484 or dohanoslinda@gmail.com