Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong Therapy

Tai Chi is known as a martial art is and also practiced for Health Benefits. It is relaxing form of
exercise and if practiced regularly it has many health benefits. It can help reduce stress, strengthen the body gently, develop better gait, balance and improve the immune system. By learning techniques to move the energy known “chi” a person can make this subtle energy flow for maximum health. My personal journey back to health after grave illness was all due to learning Tai Chi. After seeing the results in my own life I became passionate about teaching and helping others to achieve better health. I have been studying Tai Chi for 20 years under Grand Masters and Chi Gong Healers. Becoming an accomplished teacher and ranked member of the Yang Family International Association. I have achieved level of Chi Gong therapist.
Transforming anxiety to confidence that enriches body, mind & spirit.
Love & Light, Linda
When: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 11am-12pm      Cost: $8.       
For more information or to register for Tai Chi class contact Linda at 203-852-3483 or dohanoslinda@gmail.com visit my website : Artbylindadohanos.com

                                             Qi Gong Therapy

“Qi is our life force” Qi gong therapy removes blocks and stagnation of Qi restoring balance in your system for good health and vitality.
So, what should you expect when you meet with Linda for your qigong healing? There are lots of different techniques and tools she may use during the session. Much of the session will be just sitting or lying down in a
relaxed state and receiving the Qi/energy from the healer.  You will also receive detailed instruction on how to proceed and get the most benefit from your energy healing session.  Linda can help remove energy blocks, and restore the balanced flow of chi in your body.  She may use massage to help rebalance your chi. She could also use specific tools, including teaching you breathing methods, qigong exercises and meditation to rebalance your energy.  In some cases, they may even practice what’s called item empowerment. This means that the healer will project their energy onto a specific item, like a stone or even a tea for you to drink. Whenever you
consume or touch this item, you’ll draw strength from it.  Keep in mind that, while you can certainly achieve a lot during a single session, you may benefit more from monthly programs and long-term sessions that will help keep you balanced and in good health.     
Cost: $80. for a 60 min session
Linda is recognized as an accomplished teacher and a ranked member of the Yang Family International Association.
For more information on Qi Gong or to schedule a private session contact Linda at 203-851-3484 or dohanoslinda@gmail.com